Taking a 360 approach to Performance

360 feedback can be a highly powerful method of development. It works by gathering feedback from a number of sources, including peers, direct reports, senior colleagues and customers. This variety of feedback can offer line managers a wide-ranging perspective and help to make performance management a more objective and fair process.

Conducted well, 360 feedback can significantly enhance the performance management process. As some companies are seeking to review employees’ performance more frequently and dynamically, the formal  360 approach may appear too time-consuming.  Our 360 and Survey Module provides a way to gain value from multi-source feedback options including those collected on a smaller scale and more informally, for instance, via brief discussions or written feedback from several key stakeholders on a recent project.

The procedure of managing formal 360 appraisals needs to be carried out sensitively and fairly with HR remaining in control of the process and our module enables that.  Informal feedback needs to be managed by the individual.

Those giving feedback should be encouraged to do so in an objective, positive way using examples to back up perceived opinion of performance, and respecting confidentiality of all participants at all times. Recipients should always be offered support to act on feedback.

Consistent use of the 360 Feedback and Survey Module can act as an engagement enhancer and cultural change driver. It is also a very helpful benchmark at the start of a development programme or manager’s career and can be followed up after a period of time to measure personal progression or growth.


Create and Manage Surveys

  • Easily define and set up surveys
  • Assign to different user groups
  • Send surveys internally and externally
  • Easy administration of results

Automatically Generate 360 Reports

  • Quickly set up and manage 360 feedback
  • Design and manage your own survey templates
  • Automatically, invite and assimilate responses
  • HRAdmin driven to ensure confidentiality


Great Value, Flexible Bundles

Actus Feedback, Recognition, Survey and 360 are available as separate modules or as one great value bundle allowing you unlimited usage. Alternatively, you can pay as you go by buying Actus 360 credits which are available in bundles of 10, 25 or 50 reports credits with no expiry date.

The Actus™ 360 module provides a flexible and cost effective way of developing managers in house