Actus Learning™ provides a range of high quality leadership and performance management training solutions that empower organisations to embed best practice processes and behaviours that positively engage, develop and retain their people to ensure organisational goals are met.



Discover the numerous training solutions we offer that are designed to benefit your company.

Find training solutions that fit perfectly into different departments within your company.

See for yourself the benefits our training can have on the day-to-day performance of employees.

Organisations can no longer afford to hold on to the traditional mindsets and methods for organisational development. To build and maintain a successful organisation requires finding your place on the learning maturity curve and creating a plan to enable your workforce to evolve into a high performing, people-centric entity.

Our goal is to create tailored performance management training programmes that enable senior executives and management to deliver, coach, drive and sustain, both individual and team optimum performance, to achieve outstanding results.


Classroom Learning


High energy classroom based facilitation combining theory, application and behaviour change.

Train the Trainer


Train the trainer programmes that will enable you to conduct future in-house training.

On-Line Training


Flexible, online training enabling you to complete it from a location of your choice.

One to One Training


One-to-one training for focused, personal training solutions.

The Actus Leadership and Management Training Programmes

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Implementing some form of measurement process is essential when delivering training into your organisation and Actus Learning helps to maximise ROI through a combination of factors, which can include:

  • Breaks down the organisational barriers hindering performance
  • Drives and sustains elite performance
  • Easily replicable, tailored to fit organisational priorities
  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Real business application in the training workshops
  • Adoption and sustainability of behaviour and skill change
  • A blended approach to minimise training and business costs
  • The purchase of training modules for in house delivery
  • Supports the delivery of a performance culture


“The real value comes from the expert guidance that Actus have brought to us from the start and continue to provide”

Paul Hayes – Scorpio Group
Paul Hayes – Scorpio Group

“We needed to grow up as a business – to  professionalise. The training enabled a performance and cultural step change”

Mark Hudson – MD, Impact
Mark Hudson – MD, Impact

“The three day Leadership Programme  was delivered to my team of  Strategic Global leaders and their collective feedback was that it was the best training they had ever attended – practical, motivational and providing real business outputs relevant to the business strategy “

Owain Dobson – VP Global Pre-Sales, Unify
Owain Dobson – VP Global Pre-Sales, Unify

“We recognise that one of the biggest assets to your organisation is your team, and they can only be at their most effective if they are trained, engaged and motivated to perform. At Actus Learning we are passionate about delivering world class training to our clients proven to enhance individual and team performance and business results.“

Lucinda Carney C Psychol, CEO