Actus™ performance management system is highly intuitive and exceptionally easy to use with features designed to increase employee engagement and provide real time management reporting – all at the touch of a button!

Actus™ performance management system provides innovative and simple to use HR software. It makes appraisals easy and aligns individual objectives with business goals. Unlike some appraisal systems it is purpose built to be quick to set up and incredibly intuitive. If you are looking to move from a paper based solution or perhaps you are looking to move to the cloud for your appraisal system to improve security, flexibility and accessibility then please either book a Free Demo or call us today to understand how we can help to bring greater value to your business:

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A selection of our features are outlined below, but because Actus™ performance management system is highly configurable we can make sure it aligns with your goals and is the right fit for your organisation:

Objective Setting

Setting and monitoring SMART objectives that are aligned with business goals gives clarity and focuses employees on business priorities. Facility to add, edit and review performance against objectives

  • Aligned with balanced scorecard or company categories
  • Ability to add and track milestones
  • Provides deadlines and reminders
  • Comments functionality to encourage positive reinforcement
Key Features of Actus™ Performance Management system

Key Features of Actus™Performance Management system


Regular appraisal of performance reinforces positive behaviours and promotes stretch achievement.

  • Fully configurable appraisal templates, one or many
  • Mini-appraisal option for new starters or more regular reviews
  • Behavioural competencies option included as standard
  • Performance rating option included

1 to 1 s

Encouraging managers to store all of their people management records in one place improves data protection and reduces litigation risk. Regular access to the system keeps focus on business objectives.

  • Ability to plan 1 to 1’s and send diary invites
  • Facility to set agenda and record notes of performance discussions
  • Tracks and records actions
Key Features of Actus™Performance Management system

Performance Management system

Development Planning

Enabling employees to take ownership of their own development and tracking this progress as part of your appraisal system empowers individuals to develop and grow, increasing loyalty and performance.

  • Comprehensive development options
  • Facility to set deadlines and track completion
  • Can be owned by individual, manager or HR
  • Facility to add in-house training courses or catalogue
  • Ability to generate training need reports at push of a button

Qualification and CPD log

Tracking qualifications or CPD within your performance management system is increasingly important to ensure compliance and reduce business risk. Facility to add key qualifications

  • Tracks qualifications and expiry date
  • Early warning emails can be automatically triggered
  • Helps avoid non compliance
Performance Management system
Key Features of Actus™ Appraisal System

Career Aspiration

Engaged staff feel they have a future within an organisation and can be retained and motivated through annual discussions about aspirations.

  • Ability to track and monitor career discussions
  • Fosters understanding of individual motivators
  • Enables talent management & succession planning


Real time reporting is a key benefit of moving to an online appraisal system from paper. Our reports can be accessed at the click of a button, freeing HR and other key staff up from Admin to focus on more pressing business priorities.

  • Objectives live, outstanding and completed
  • Appraisals completed
  • Development/training needs
  • Qualifications nearing expiry
Performance Management system

If you wish to discuss how the features of Actus™ performance management system could help improve your current appraisal process then please call us on: 01582 793053 or click below to schedule an online demo where one of our team can chat through your specific requirements.

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Features of a Performance Management System


Benefits of using online appraisals

Many businesses are currently operating paper or in house performance management and appraisal systems, when this is the status quo there can seem little reason to change. The system works OK, albeit there is a disproportionate emphasis on admin and paper-chasing but in recent times, reducing administration has not been seen as a compelling reason to invest. Add to this fact, the essential focus on the bottom line encouraging short term behaviours and focus, a move that is even slightly more strategic in terms of HR can be overlooked. ...