Actus in the Public Sector

Driving Public Sector culture and digital transformation against a background of workforce reduction and skills shortage seems an insurmountable challenge. The key to successfully delivering the productivity improvements and modernisation of the sector is the creation of a culture of continuous performance management.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts cuts in general government employment, reaching 1.1 million by 2018

Actus, a G Cloud supplier since 2015, develops solutions in line with the government’s Cloud First Policy, that will help public sector organisations meet the challenges of achieving their transformation objectives through better – people performance, talent management and succession planning.

Employee engagement, workforce compliance and retention are highly relevant processes in this new era of the Public Sector. Typically, they are reliant on legacy HR databases, SharePoint, or a manual paper-based appraisal process, which doesn’t sit well with the environmental commitments of the sector or the Digital Agenda, to deliver these processes.

Without real time data; HR teams can only measure process compliance. There is no easy way for them to understand and address the development needs or career aspirations necessary to attract and retain the next generation workforce.

The current backward focused annual review process can do more harm than good as NHS staff survey data  frequently identifies that despite appraisal compliance being high, the level of satisfaction is often very low.

Prof Michael West’s work in the NHS, via The Kings Fund, states that having no appraisal is less damaging than an appraisal where the manager is just ‘going through the motions’.

To achieve the necessary top down behaviour changes and insight needed to embed performance improvement we offer a dedicated Professional Services programme of aligned development training and culture change consultancy.

Engage; Manage; Develop

  • Analyse and improve the performance of the entire workforce
  • Set up career paths for employees that align with organisational goals
  • Employee self-appraisal and multi-level reviews
  • Improve all aspects of the employee feedback and recognition process

Since implementing the Actus system in September 2015 we have seen a dramatic improvement in performance rates.  In April 2017 we recorded an almost 100%  year on year increase in overall performance metrics from 43% to 80%.  Our partnership with Actus has had a significant impact on staff engagement and our desire to drive improved performance.

Epson & St Helier University Hospitals NHS TrustKevin Croft, Director of Transformation

NHS Medway CCG has used Actus for three years now for the centralising of appraisal information, PDP’s, talent management and objective setting for staff. The system is easy to use with minimum training required for new staff and the administrator abilities are great for producing reports. Customer service is brilliant and the system is developing new features all the time to improve its features.

Medway CCGLeanne Dawson, Recruitment Manager

We are a large NHS Trust and started working with Actus in 2015. We selected this software for three main reasons, firstly that we felt it was easy to use and can be used on mobile devices. Secondly, we could see that it was designed to encourage ongoing quality conversations which is of high importance to us. Finally, the fact that Actus are committed to working with us to deliver sustained cultural benefits.

Epsom & St Helier NHS TrustKevin Croft, Director of HR & Transformation
  • Great way for management to see overview of appraisal for all team members.

  • Senior Leadership Team can monitor that supervisions are taking place.

  • Great platform for identifying staff training needs.

  • Two way system where staff and line manager can communicate needs.

  • Enables staff to lead on setting objectives for themselves as well as line manager setting targets.

C Harrington HAGA – Action against alcohol

We are a small organisation working in the Not for Profit sector. We have had a fantastic experience in working with Actus. The introduction to the product and the support for implementation was excellent. …

Chief Executive CDS Co-operativesLinda Wallace

Talent Management is a really important strategy for us as a CCG, we are working closely with the Actus Team to embed the right behaviours and processes to achieve this using Actus.

Barnet CCGChristine Cornwall, Head of OD

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Epsom and St Helier University

Driving Employee Engagement to achieve ‘Patient First’ with Actus Software Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust (ESTH) offer an extensive range of services to the population of South West London and North East…

CDS Co-operatives - Housing Association & Co-operative Society

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NHS Arden & GEM - Video Case Study

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The Actus™ Performance and Talent Management solution is specifically designed to support year round performance management and organisational development.

Did you know?

A personal data breach could result in a business being fined up to £500,000, by the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act.

58% of organisations continue to use spreadsheets as their primary way to track performance metrics.

 Replacement of an appraisal system with one perceived as more acceptable increases the level of trust for those in management responsible for the change.

James H. Davis University of Notre Dame

Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value, while 58% say it’s not an effective use of time.


Addressing performance in the moment can inspire and engage.

A static process of setting goals and reviewing them only once a year doesn’t work for today’s agile workforce.

Only 55% of employees feel as though performance management appraisals are effective for employees to develop themselves and their abilities at work.

Performance management isn’t bound by technology. It’s a behavioural attribute that puts the employee at the centre of his or her growth that the right technology can help deliver.