Hazlewoods Chartered Accountants

Why top 40 Accountancy firm Hazlewoods chose Actus™ to create a more meaningful appraisal process:

Hazlewoods is one of the UK’s Top 40 independent Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers and wanted to create a more meaningful appraisal process that would add more value to the business and support growth. With over 250 staff in two offices across Gloucestershire, they operate on both a national and international level.

As a rapidly growing professional services company working in a highly competitive market, it is imperative to have clear performance management practices in place, that add value and develop staff in a time effective manner. To do this they wanted a slick but more meaningful appraisal process. Adopting Actus™ Software was the result of a strong desire to move away from an overcomplicated, paper driven appraisal process towards a simple, objective-led, adaptable, all year round process which saves time and provides management information at the touch of a button. The idea is to use the software as a sort of catalyst encouraging more regular conversations throughout the year which means that when it comes to year end performance conversations are more familiar and comfortable, effectively using the software to make appraisal more meaningful and valuable as a result.

The implementation:

In the early stages of implementing Actus™ Software, the main focus to date was on training staff in how to use it. Due to the number of staff, and the nature of their work, getting all employees into a couple of training sessions was never an option so the HR team rolled out the training themselves, following a ‘Train the Trainer’ event run by the Actus™ Software Team.

This approach worked very well as it enabled them to successfully stagger the implementation process in line with business activities and adapt the training schedule with client demands and staff availability. The HR team collectively at Hazlewoods have developed a high level of confidence in using Actus™ Software and are therefore able to support their employees quickly and easily, improving the appraisal process.

The outcome – An improved and more meaningful appraisal process:

Hazlewoods have been using Actus for about 18 months now and the biggest advantage recognised by staff in the early stages has been that the online approach is making better use of their time, freeing them up from using paper. They feel that the year round focus means that they can use the software to make a more meaningful appraisal process, yet it less time consuming. The idea is that it is more about ongoing conversations and review and less about the paperwork.

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