CDS Co-operatives – Housing Association & Co-operative Society

How CDS Co-operatives are using Actus™ Software to professionalise their  performance management process



CDS  is a Housing Association and Co-operative Society of about 45 staff which has undergone significant change over the past 2 years. At the start of 2015 they had little or no performance management process and needed to change this in order to stabilise the organisation and embed best practice.

CDS had made changes to the Board and Senior Team. They were modernising the organisational mission and developing a strong culture of service:  To offer better quality, value and reliability for their clients and customers.

They had little or no performance management process in place but their CEO Linda Wallace knew that this was to be a key driver in professionalising the organisation and helping them to achieve their goals.

The challenge: No Performance Management Process

The key business drivers for implementing Actus™ stemmed from this.  CDS needed to professionalise their approach and put in place a structured performance management process – setting clear objectives for everyone at the start of the year and supporting high quality work through regular and structured performance conversations. They wanted to encourage a more commercial and outcome focused culture and to empower employees to take responsibility for their own performance and development.  This was a big step change and a challenge to managers and employees alike.

The result:

Actus™ performance management software was introduced in January 2015.  Managers and staff have both found the software itself very easy and practical to use.  Through good communication and planning they have achieved a very high level of regular use. Performance understanding and outcomes have been improved through management and supervision being regularly undertaken and recorded for everyone using Actus™.  Every member of the team now has objectives and the setting and monitoring of these is visible to the senior team for oversight – so that additional support can be offered where needed. The same is true of 1 to 1 processes and reviews embedding a year round performance management process which is known to drive the highest results. It has given transparency to their management practices and has also helped both managers and staff to create good habits. Linda’s view:

“As someone who has always been good at having the discussion and bad at the paperwork, I can honestly say this has helped me to make more progress than anything else in the last 25 years. We would strongly recommend it as a tool for improving management and performance management”

CDS feel that the introduction of Actus™ has normalised the performance management process of having good performance based conversations – allowing managers to raise naturally any issues of concern and employees to explore both expectations and challenges. Employees can record their own development and learning and have a factual record of the discussions that are held. This makes it safe to address possible performance issues before they become a problem setting the foundation for a high performance culture.

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