Scorpio Shipping Group – Exponential growth journey with Actus Software

How Scorpio and Actus™ Software worked in partnership to deliver a better people and performance management solution worldwide.


Scorpio Shipping Group have grown exponentially over the past 6 years, from a small family business to an international shipping company with almost 500 staff across the world, which has led to them choosing Actus™ Software as their performance management solution. They have offices in Monaco, Mumbai, New York, London, Istanbul & Athens. Since being founded in 1971, the company has been actively involved in advancing the agenda of sustainable and quality practices in the shipping industry.

Rapid international growth brings with it people challenges, particularly around the consistent application of policies and procedures, developing and retaining talent, and collaboration across boundaries. The founders could see that their core values around communication, valuing staff, and focusing on customers were becoming diluted, and disparate cultures and damaging silos were emerging.

The challenge:

HR director Paul Hayes knew that he needed to embed a professional performance management culture with Scorpio globally, as paper based processes were not at all practical. The lack of visibility, lack of uptake, and the huge administration burden caused by paper appraisals was a problem. Paul, who spent much of his time involved in recruitment to support the rapid growth of the company, knew that he needed more than just a performance management system so when met the Actus™ Software team he knew that their partnership approach was what he needed.


“I needed to embed a new way of working and I needed expert support to partner with us to shape the people management culture at Scorpio positively” 


Paul scoured the market place for appraisal providers over a six month period and found no end of software houses but for him Actus™ Software stood out:


“Actus™ Software are experts in embedding culture change, they took the time to personally understand the business and work in partnership with us to deliver results – wherever in the Scorpio world it takes them!”


The Actus™ Software solution:

To date, Actus™ Software have worked with Scorpio to deliver an engagement survey, rolled out Actus™ Performance Management software globally, developed and delivered a modular management training programme, and implemented a new competency framework. They have become so much part of the team that they now provide retained organisational consultancy support and have become long term partners.

The results:

Actus™ Software was successfully rolled out within 6 weeks, however at that time the business had just under 200 employees worldwide. By the end of the year they were up to 500 – exponential growth! The team worked in partnership with Scorpio to ensure that new staff were brought on successfully and at the end of the first year they achieved a 95% appraisal completion rate by the first deadline.

“This is a tremendous achievement for Scorpio in a time of such growth, a great start to embedding the right culture and I know we can build on this.”

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